How To Add 900-1,500 Subscribers
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Any Traffic; Using This Brand New
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Guaranteed Responsive Subscribers.

Guaranteed Sales Within Days.

No Technical Skills Needed. No Recurring Payments.

100% Hands-Free! We Do All The Work.

Countless Success Stories; Cheapest Way To Build a List.

We Can Only Do 10 Spots Per Month. NO RISK 200% Money Back Guarantee.

But First, Customer Success Stories:

We've Helped People From All Home Business Opportunity Offers:

1. The Bitter-Truth About List Building!

I am pretty sure you’ve heard that the money is in the list BUT building a list can be a huge pain.

It takes a lot of time, effort and skill.

You might have even tried building a list and ended up losing money and time.

The bitter truth is, eventhough, email lists are the best way to make money online it is not easy.


You Need To Know:

  • How To Build a High Converting Optin Page
  • How To Create a Funnel To Ensure That You Get Maximum Subscribers
  • Where To Buy Traffic From
  • How To NOT Get Scammed Buying Traffic
  • And a Whole Lot More Complex stuff....

And even if you know these things, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars worth of traffic to test
your funnels.

…. It’s a huge pain. But people still do it because it makes them money! A lot of Money....

2. Let Me Take The Pain Away & Give You a Hyper Responsive Email List – HANDS-FREE!

Yes, I am going to build you a list and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the passive profits.

  • No Need To Build Optin Pages.

  • No Need To Buy & Send Traffic.

  • We Have Already Done The Hard Work For You.

  • You Make All The Money That Comes From The List.

  • Guaranteed Subscribers, Responsiveness & Sales.

  • Your Online Business Grows Everytime You Send out Emails.

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I have been building a list for a very long time and I know all the ins and outs of building a high
quality, responsive subscriber base.

And therefore I am in a position to provide this incredible service to you at such a low price point.

Any smart businessman would see the immense time saver and money making opportunity this is.

BUT, if you're a tire-kicker....please leave this page. This is not for you.

Your account will look the same with our services. Isn't this incredible? Have you ever seen an offer
like this anywhere in the world?

NO! I guessed it.... We are the only crazy ones offering it.

And at 44 cents per GUARANTEED SUBSCRIBER we're killing any form of PPC Ads for list building
since each click usually costs around $1 on most ad networks and the average cost per subscriber
is $3-4.

But with Optinz, you're guaranteed the same price EVERYTIME!

3. Here's How This Process Works:

  • 1

    I Create a High Converting Optin Page.

    I have created high converting sales funnels that I send traffic to. Now, I have over 1,500,000+ clicks worth of experience if not more, so I know what I am doing. I will also give you this page & have it moved to our compatible partner hosting after your order is completed for you to use later with your list building efforts (not included but I'll give it to you if you're nice to me).

  • 2

    I Start Sending Laser Targeted Traffic To The Page.

    I send some of the best quality traffic to the page that gets leads in our system like clockwork. The traffic comes from various sources and not just 1 type of traffic source and I also get buyer traffic onto your lists.

  • 3

    I Send You 1,000+ of The Best Quality & Pre-Qualified Leads.

    Yes, it is that easy. You just place the order and you'll get your email leads ready to be emailed the next HOT offer. It is that easy.... 100% Automated, Hands-Free List Building.

  • 4

    You Re-Order 🙂

    Yes, you read it right. Most people reorder my service because it is such a steal getting subscribers at this price. It takes almost 2,700-3,500 clicks to your optin page which would otherwise cost you $1350-1750 just for the traffic and you'll only get around 750-800 subscribers. With Optinz you spend just $0.44 per subscriber. It's as simple as it gets.

4. You’re Burning Cash! See How:

When you buy traffic your average conversion rate is around 30-40% if you have a decent
optin page. If your page sucks or you don't understand how to build a high converting page
you're going to get around 15-20% conversions.

...Also If you buy traffic in the form of solo ads (cheapest source) it is going to cost you around
67 cents per click from any decent seller.

Some people even get suckered into buying a $97-147 Optin Page Building Plugin or membership
even after which they are unable to get their optin page conversion rates up....

And the cost per subscriber?
Well, let's get our calculators out:

Let's Do Some Maths:

  • Average Conversion Rate = 40% (Being Very Optimistic)
  • Average Cost Per Click (CPC) = $0.50
  • Cost Per Subscriber = $50/40 = $1.25
  • Optinz Cost Per Subscriber = $0.44!

5. This is Hands-Free List Building!

  • You Get Guaranteed RESPONSIVE Subscribers.
  • Guaranteed Sales.
  • Countless Success Stories.
  • No Technical Skills Needed.
  • No Recurring Payments.
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Cheap & Risk Free List Building (You'll Spend 2X if You Don't use, See Calculation Above)
  • 100% Hands Free List Building. Literally, No Need To Do Anything at All.
  • Subscribers Delivered Within 2-4 Days.
  • You Don't Have To Build Optin Pages
  • No Optimizing Optin Funnels To Ensure Maximum ROI
  • You Don't Need To Drive Traffic or Figure Out Where To Find the Best Traffic Sources
  • No Technical Stuff at All

6. Guaranteed Responsiveness & Sales!

The lists that I build for you are built using a great marketing mix and the traffic comes from some
of the best make money online websites in the world along with Solo Ads from reputed solo ad

....and since I own and operate the #1 Solo Ads Directory in the world, I have access to the best of
the solo ad world & other traffic source for building RESPONSIVE EMAIL LISTS.

I guarantee that you will get 1,000+ Email subscribers and register sales within the first 4 weeks with your follow up sequence.

If you do not see any sales at all (highly unlikely, I know what I am doing) I will personally work on your funnel and ensure that you makes sales and REFUND YOUR MONEY if I can’t make you sales!

I know that your main concern is the responsiveness of the subscribers and therefore I am taking all the risk away from you.

I guarantee the number of subscribers, their responsiveness and sales within the first 4 weeks.

This is probably as RISK FREE & COST EFFECTIVE as list building can ever be.

Guaranteed Email Susbcribers - DELIVERED!

Reach the support desk here if you have any questions:

7. MORE Customer Success Stories:

I Know and understand that there are more SHITTY offers than real genuine ones online &
sometimes its hard to trust such an offer that saves you almost 50% money.

...I understand your skepticism and completely understand that it is hard to believe but if you
don't take my word for it, take a look at some of my CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES!

People who have bought traffic from me and seen amazing results. I've been doing this for years
now &I can probably get you hundreds of references but here are just a handful of the lot:

1450 Subscribers & 12 Sales

23 Fuc***n Sales and 1238 Optins

Making $30-$50 Everyday

Resposive Subscribers, 250+ Bonus Subscribers


Paid For 1000, Got 1400 Subscribers

$70 Profit on 250 Clicks

4 Sales on 200 Clicks 

Very Responsive & Great Conversions + Sales

This Guy Cares About his Customers

And Now Some FaceBook Testimonials:

8. This Offer Sucks The Life Out of Me!

As you can probably guess this takes a lot of effort for me to get the traffic, build the optin pages
and send only the highest quality subscribers to your lists, therefore I cannot process more than
8-12 orders per month.

So, if you want me to:

  • Build Your Email List
  • Get Your Guaranteed Responsive Subscribers
  • Get You Sales
  • All on 100% Autopilot

Check out the packages and choose the best that suits your needs.

9. Pricing And Packages:

750 Emails Only
  • Single Optin Subscribers.
  • Only Emails.
  • Highly Responsive.
  • Only $0.60 $0.52 Per Subscriber
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee.
1,500 Emails Only
  • Single Optin Subscribers.
  • Only Emails.
  • Highly Responsive.
  • Only $0.60 $0.45 Per Subscriber
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee.
Get This Now!

10. Why You Should Buy This & From Me?

This is a very unique service that nobody else in the market is offering. We are the only crazy

....And since it has taken me years to get to this point, I am pretty sure nobody else is going to
do this for a long time to come. It literally sucks life me of you but I have a team who works
on it so I can do this for you.

There is not 1 solid and reliable company that offers this except! 

So, let me tell you why you should work with

  • Nobody Offers This Except Us.
  • You Get Guaranteed Subscribers at $0.44/Subscriber.
  • Proven Success Stories (See Customer Success Stories)
  • No Risk + 200% Money Back Guarantee.
  • All on 100% Autopilot.
  • Unique Solution - Nobody Comes Close To Us When it Comes To Hands-Free List Building.

Imagine the kind of time you will save with this service. You can either spend months
and months building your list on your own and then come back....

....or you can get this now and save thousands of dollars and months of time! 

Trust your gut, Trust your instinct, Take a stand for your business. Nobody scores without
making the shot!

11. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Verticals/Niches Do You Provide Subscribers For? +

We deal in 3 Verticals right now but we are expanding fast.

  • Make Money Online/Home Business
  • Weight Loss
  • Law of Attraction

These are the 3 biggest markets with the most amount of money being spent and we specialize in lead generation for these verticals/niches.

Q: How are The Leads Delivered? +

We have 2 options:

1. A CSV/Text file with the email leads.

2. A Pre-loaded Autoresponder account ready to send out emails.

Our clients have been having tremendous success with this and we came up with the pre-loaded solution only after a few clients requested this addon.

With the preloaded mailing account, you can start sending email as soon as you get the login details and everything is setup for you. You literally just have to send emails and make affiliate commissions.

Q:What is the percentage of Tier 1 Countries? +

We try to deliver as high as 95% Tier 1 Traffic i.e. US, UK, Australia, Canada & Ireland but we guarantee 85% Tier 1 Traffic.

Also, the sources of traffic we use to build our lists are so high quality that only the best and the most active users end up on your lists. So the few subscribers that are not Tier 1 are sure as hell going to give the tier 1 subs. a run for their money.

High Quality Subscribers is what we strive for because we expect a lot REPEAT BUSINESS & that is only possible if WE MAKE YOU MONEY!

Q: What is the catch? This seems too affordable & Easy.... +

Trust me when I say this - there are no catches!

  • One time payment;
  • Guaranteed Results;
  • Cheapest & The Most Convenient Way To Build a List;
  • No Recurring Payments.
  • NO B.S

Although, once you see the power of we may contact you and ask you if you want to go for a monthly subscription.

That way we'll build your lists for you on complete autopilot and for months. Truly, the best way to automate your list building.

But we want you to try it first and see the profits. That is the only reason we are going to make the monthly subscription available only to the buyers.

Q: Is There a Monthly Fee? Do I Need Any Technical Skills? + is a one-time payment. No monthly fees whatsoever.

If you want to reorder, the process remains the same, but for repeat customers we may add a few bonuses or discounts for being awesome 🙂

There is no technical aspect at all, even if you are the greenest of newbies you will have no problem with this service. If you face any issue, just create a ticket by sending an email to and I'll kick my team into high gear and they'll help you with EVERY SINGLE THING!

Please do not hestitate to reach out to us because I am paying people to ensure that you don't have to work at all, we do all the work for you.

Q: How can I contact your support? +

There is live chat available for all your questions. If we are not available, just leave a message and it creates a ticket in our system. We will get back to you within 12 hours.

Alternatively you can create a ticket by sending an email here:

So there are 2 easy and fast ways to get in touch:

  • Live Chat!
  • Support Desk.

Here’s a Recap:

  • You Get Guaranteed RESPONSIVE Subscribers.
  • Guaranteed Sales.
  • Countless Success Stories.
  • No Technical Skills Needed.
  • No Recurring Payments.
  • 200% MONEY BACK Guarantee.
  • Cheap & Risk Free List Building (You'll Spend 2X if You Don't use, See Calculation Above)
  • 100% Hands Free List Building. Literally, No Need To Do Anything at All.
750 Emails Only
  • Single Optin Subscribers.
  • Only Emails.
  • Highly Responsive.
  • Only $0.60 $0.52 Per Subscriber
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee.
1,500 Emails Only
  • Single Optin Subscribers.
  • Only Emails.
  • Highly Responsive.
  • Only $0.60 $0.45 Per Subscriber
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee.
Get This Now!


Looking Forward To Helping Your Business Grow
Prashant Sharma

P.S: You’ll lose $1,780+ if you try to do it on your own and NOT use

P.P.S: I can only process 8-12 orders per month so if the button above leads to a SERVICE NOT
Link, you’re probably too late already, try next month.

P.P.P.S: You’ve got to the end of this letter only because you see the value in GUARANTEED
; this is a one-of-a-kind offer that you find anywhere else.

Trust your intuition and you’ll be proven right.

© 2017 – Hands-Free List Building Made Easy.